Westin Trillium House

1) Trillium House Resort

We offed to the Westin Trillium House resort in the Town of Blue Mountains this weekend to get away from it all. This resort is just outside of Collingwood, in Ontario’s ski country (off Georgian Bay). The runs at Blue were still open thanks to the dumping we received a week or so ago and there were plenty of keen skiiers and snowboarders taking an opportunity for a last run down the slopes for the season.

We had a lovely one bedroom suite with a mini kitchen and spent the weekend chilling in front of the fire, wandering the Village of Blue, reading (I’m onto Watchmen at the moment in preparation for seeing the film), some work (raspberry to that but necessary nonetheless), and movie watching (we knocked off another of the Extras series, Ghost in the Shell, and a miserable embarrassing flick called, Vapid Shallow Models Must Die [which, male nudity aside, must be avoided at all costs]).

2) our suite; 3) the bathroom

4) the bottom of the snowboarders run; 5) the bottom of the skiiers run

6 & 7) we dinned in our suite on Easter Friday with champagne and snow crab

8 & 9) and a special easter cake for dessert that G bought

10) looking across the Millpond to the Village at Blue from the Westin

11 & 12) a panoramic shot of the Westin Trillium House from the Village of Blue

13) the main square at the Village of Blue; 14) G heads into the Village for our wing lunch

On Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Village for a chicken wing fest at Wild Wings, which has – get this – 101 different styles of chicken wings! Is that heaven or what? Add to an order of wings a side of fries and gravy and deep fried dill pickles and into heaven you head.

15 & 16) OMG, 101 choices of different style chicken wings

17) moi looking pensive at Wild Wings

18) worth the wait for sure!

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3 Responses to Westin Trillium House

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    Deep fried pickles? I’ve never tried that before.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    All that is so good and yummy! I will not watch the movies!!

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, i didn’t know you could make wings that many ways! mm.. looks and sounds delicious!

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