Royal Winter Fair

1) a touch of spring amid the fallen leaves at Niagara Falls

Amid work there is always plenty of fun and relaxation, cause really, in the long run what’s more important to life – work or play?  … anyone who’s paused for even a nanosecond to ponder this and actually thought ‘work’ was the answer had better rush themselves immediately to emergency because there is something very wrong with you.

Below a pictorial of our adventures the past little while because a picture is worth a thousand words.

2 & 3) hiking in Niagara Falls

4 & 5) the view from our two-level suite at Niagara Falls – gorgeous

6 & 7) the view at night was even better … here the American Falls

8) G looks out the window of our room to the Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada and the US; 9) here’s the bridge with hardly anyone on it

10) time for a rose petal tub at home

11) we shared a costume on Halloween night at the King Edward Hotel; 12) G stands for Ghost

13) Cousin Richard shoots the pizza at one of our many Wii evenings; 14) this Wii night was brought to us courtesy of Choya 23° … ever had it? A traditional Japanese ume liquor

15) Wii’s up; 16) Blee, moi and G

17) then it was on to American Idol, Wii-style, with Blee and Cousin Richard; 18) Blee and G prepare for a tennis match

19) hay! (and dirty hay at that); 20) Superdogs at Royal Winter Fair

21) we went opening night and the Superdogs show was empty!; 22) the winning wheat … isn’t it beautiful?

23) dairy cows; and 24) an African cow … it was this cow that was first domesticated some 3000BCE

25) a face only a mother could love; 26) the bacon sleeps

27) the winning wool (sheep), not 28) alpaca wool

29) these are African geese; 30) in Ricoh Stadium we watched show jumping

31) more show jumping; 32) then 1000s of folks came out and removed everything lickety-split

33) and ride-em cowboys (from Quebec) appeared to do a show; 34) and then came out the Clydesdale horses and wagons

35 & 36) these were beautiful horses and wagons and I thought of my great grandpa who owned a team of these up in Renfrew County

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3 Responses to Royal Winter Fair

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    The first picture is just gorgeous.

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    Nice view at the Falls. BTW, I want to post a few photos of the Fair too, the farm animals are so cute!

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    You have a great eye for composition with the camera. I would enjoy the fair too. Ours is coming up and I always find it interesting. Thanks for the great photos.

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