But before Kingston …

… a couple other pictures of the Royal Winter Fair …

1) awwww, 2) oh, goat mania

3 & 4) what a funky duck!

5) look! … coloured chickens; 6) more jumping

Ironwoman Judy and I headed to Kingston this weekend to join Scots on the Rocks Annie and baby K for her 3rd birthday. It was simply wonderful to visit Annie and K and prepare for her 3rd birthday in their new home just north of CFB Kingston. On our walk on Saturday morning, we actually heard small arms fire from the base as soliders practiced shooting (presumably terrorist?!) on base.

7) Ironwoman Judy prepares the party grab bags; 8) baby K pitches in

9) Ironwoman Judy and baby K work on the loot bags; 10) out in the Catarqui Marsh

11)  baby K, Ironwoman Judy and Annie

12 & 13) Baby K and Ironwoman Judy out for a walk

14) isn’t she cute!

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4 Responses to Kingston

  1. upandoutward says:

    That landscape in Kingston reminds me of Minnesota.. or any area up around the Great Lakes.. *comment FAIL*

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I enjoy the county fairs as places to discover “different” breeds of animals. Now you know any 3 year old is cute!!!

  3. christao408 says:

    Why are those chickens pastel colored?

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    I’ve never seen a duck with such a fashionable looking hairdo! Cute!

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