“The Industry Party”

1) one of the many video installations

One of the benefits | curses (take your pick) of being married to an architect is “The Industry Party”. G (and by extension I) gets invited to several industry parties each month. These are swank affairs – by invitation only – usually held at some of Toronto’s funkiest spots.

While I usually don’t blog about these (more to protect the guilty), the industry party last night was darn good fun and worth a quick post.

Held at Toronto’s private member’s club on King Street, The Spoke Club, it featured a theme of “Seven Deadly Sins” and was complete with plenty of food, all the free booze you could possibly consume; a chill room, complete with massage therapists; a gambling room (where you anted your way onto the tables by stripping off your clothes – each piece you stripped off earned you $20 in free poker chips); a fortune teller; and a main room that was complete with naked, tattooed lasses, and a stripper pole.

2) the tattoo girls with tattoo artist; 3) the gambling room with our cute dealer (when he still had clothes on) on the far right

4) centre monitor in the voyeur room sees G heading to a chair to have a massage; 5) the stripper pole action begins

Gosh, it reminded us of the Infamous “Moulin Rouge” Party G and I organized and hosted back in 2001. That party was THE party of the year hands down. 

Anyway, back to The Spoke Club, shooters were also available whereby you drank the shooter to discover a number in the bottom of the glass that allowed you to add an additional tattoo to the nude girls.

Back in the gambling room, G busied himself earning enough chips playing strip blackjack to allow us to have our cute dealer, strip off his clothes.

(these pictures were censored; sorry).

What happens at industry parties; stays at industry parties!

6) video of one of the girls doing her thing later at night

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4 Responses to “The Industry Party”

  1. m3galomaniac says:

    SWANKY!nice one..

  2. upandoutward says:

    Dude, that’s more intense than most of the parties I go to! Congrats!

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    whoa, what a raunchy party! i must be way too innocent, i’ve never been to a party that involved any kind of nudity.

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Where is the video of the guy doing his thing!?!?!?!

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