Ah, to halibut with it …

1) halibut with charmoula

… so to speak …

G and I consume a lot of fish. Not only is it great for the little gray cells; the stuff is abundant (certain species aside) and tastes great. On Mondays, you’ll find me preparing fish without fail and I do (humbly) admit to being pretty damn good when it comes to fish dishes.

On Saturday I picked up a lovely centre cut of halibut, freshly caught (wild) off the coast of Greenland. With fish in hand, I searched for something a little different and came across a preparation for broiled halibut coated in a spicy charmoula. Charmoula is a marinade most often associated with Algeria, Morocco and Tunisian cooking.

This charmoula is a mixture of olive oil, lime juice, shallots, red chili pepper, garlic, ground cumin, salt, pepper and freshly chopped rosemary.

2) the halibut awaits the charmoula; 3) preparing the charmoula ingredients

4) let it marinate overnight in the fridge; 5) brush off the charmoula and season the fish before broiling


6) while the fish broils, warm the charmoula; 7)  done!

Noting we also had piles of egg yolks in the fridge (the remnants of G’s weekend macaroon adventures), I found a Nobu recipe for a Japanese-inspired mayonnaise for asparagus I could serve. While Nobu deep fries his asparagus, I opted to simply steam mine.

8) egg yolks, lime juice and butter;  9) add lime juice and soya sauce to the yolks and whisk before slowly adding in the butter

10) what you get is a tangy asian version of mayo

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4 Responses to Ah, to halibut with it …

  1. Made2Order says:

    good job brent!

  2. CurryPuffy says:

    @christao408 –  Fish sauce may make the dish smell fishy?

  3. christao408 says:

    That marinade contains some of the most common ingredients in Thai cooking (except the olive oil and cumin).  I should try it out, add a little fish sauce, and see what we end up with.

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Yummy – I have never had halibut cooked that way. I do love fish and may have to add this to my recipe list!

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