Squid Ink

12) the ephemeral fog continues 

Many folks often think squid ink pasta or pasta with squid ink sauce is made exclusively with the ink sacs of squid. And, certainly, it can be. However, the vast majority of squid ink pasta and pasta with squid ink sauce is made from the ink sacs of cuttlefish. You also have cuttlefish ink to thank for the term, sepia, as it was once used as a natural dye of the same name. We made pasta with cuttlefish ink sauce and real squid Saturday and followed that up with a hot pot to watch the NFL playoff games with on Sunday. 

2) the ingredients for the sauce, including; 3) a jar of squid ink

4 & 5) G prepares the squid by removing the beak and separating the tentacles from the body

7) squid is ready (you can see the squid ink sac G harvested in the bowl; 8) adding in the ink at the last moment

9) it will quickly get very dark and earthy; 10) we pan fry the squid so you still have a little colour on top of the pasta

11) the yummy result

12 & 13) all our hot pot ingredients are prepared in the sushi boat

14) then it’s just a matter of settling in (we did a pho and a tom yum broth)


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