Cold as a witch’s ….

Greetings from Calgary where I am holed up this week in weather that is, well, cold as a witch’s …

However, we drank down a first dose of your friendly neighbourhood dukoral last week which certainly means warmer weather and a trip are on the horizon.

a) mix and drink for stomachs of steel no matter where you head

We were up at the top of Grouse Mountain on Saturday night for Dine Out Vancouver at The Observatory restaurant (very good) and opted to do homemade sushi on Sunday night. Many, many moons ago when we both had far more time than we do now, we actually taught sushi-making but it’s been years. The mother-of-all-maki rolls aside, all in all, we still have some competency when it comes to this. We even stopped by Granville Island on Sunday morning to pickup fresh wasabi. It makes such a difference to sushi and is a billion times better than any powdered versions. If you get the chance, always splurge and opt for it.

2) looking up to the summit at Grouse Mountain after dinner; 3) G explores whether or not to skate

4) wasabi as it arrives; 5) trim it down; 6) before grating

7) the sushi nigiri options beautifully prepared by G

8) the full nine yard meal


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3 Responses to Cold as a witch’s ….

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    The sushi looks very nice. I don’t think I’ve tried freshly grated wasabi before. I wonder where you’re heading to next… have a safe trip!

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that sushi looks amazing! i’ve got to figure out where to get sushi-grade fish… not that i’d be any good at making sushi, but i’d like to have that kind of quality of fish to work with.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful presentation! I love sushi! You may keep the snow

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