On the road … again

IMG_00000140 (1024x768)1) moi and tennis star Suzie at Cactus Club Cafe Jack Poole Plaza

I’m off to London this week to celebrate my mom’s birthday then onwards to Toronto for a week before heading back to Vancouver the week of July 22.

Today G and I met up with Tennis Star Suzie, who was in town on business, for lunch at the new Cactus Club Cafe at Jack Poole Plaza (otherwise known as the place where the Olympic cauldron is kept – you can see a wee bit of it over Suzie’s right shoulder). It’s bizarre to think it’s been 2 years since we last connected in person.

Last week we also got on a cake-making kick as G was keen to master piping basket-weaving. This is a chocolate, chile, rosemary cake with white chocolate buttercream … and was, I have to admit (even as someone who really dislikes desserts) fabulous! We served this Saturday night at a small dinner party for Dr. M, who was over for a visit.

IMG_3165 (1024x765)

IMG_3177 (1024x765)

2 & 3) G’s rosemary, chile chocolate cake … not bad for a first go eh!

IMG_3176 (765x1024)4) the table is set for Dr. M

IMG_3168 (1024x765)

5) you’ll remember a month ago, I started the process of making preserved lemons … well, it’s a month on and they are ready and OMG, amazing!

IMG_3172 (765x1024)6) Ungava is a new gin to the gin market that actually won “Best in Show” at the World Spirits Competition held in Austria (go figure). It is produced in Quebec and named after Ungava Bay where many of the botanicals that give it its flavour – and colour – are found – including Labrador tea, Nordic juniper, crowberry and cloudberries. Well worth trying if you can find it. Currently this is only retailing in Quebec, Alberta and here in BC. 

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